A friend of mine told me how she used procrastination to create a sense of calm in her life. Procrastination creating calm?

I have to say I was really curious. Typically, procrastination creates a sense of panic or overwhelm.

As a very successful businesswoman, and the busy mother of two super active and athletic children, she was juggling so much, she felt like she was running on an endless hamster wheel. Out of sheer self-preservation, she took a step back, and made a new plan

She simply started asking herself if the task on her list had to be completed that day, or could she procrastinate on it? For example, did she really have to go to grocery store, or could she wait a little longer by making due with what she had, until later in the week, when she might have a more suitable time. Inevitably the answer was she could wait.

By procrastinating on some tasks, she found she was running around much less, she was more productive, and she felt more in control. A great reason to procrastinate, in a very good way.


Photo credit: Andrea Jones

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