Every so often, we are given these wonderful gifts of experience that can completely change our perspective. In a very good way.

My daughter has given me that gift on several occasions, and I would like to share two of them with you.

The first time we were sitting at the table for dinner, and my daughter, with bright eyes, held up the fork and exclaimed, “Mom, I have the lucky fork!” She thrust it forward, so we could all see the wonder of the lucky fork. It had a bent tine.

Now I don’t know about you, but to me I would have thought the bent tine would be unlucky because it’s uncomfortable to use. But not her, she was pleased as punch. It made me realize I had a choice to make about the fork, I could see it as uncomfortable, or I could adopt her perspective, and see it as the lucky fork. The fork is still in our drawer.

A few years later, my daughter once again helped me to adjust my perspective when we were shopping for a book that I wanted for work. I am a complete book freak. No joke, there are thousands of them in my house. I love the feeling of a new book, and I really love its brand new perfection. So when I picked up a book that had bent pages because it wasn’t cut properly when it was made, I moved to put it back and grab another copy. Of course, my daughter stopped me. And you know exactly what she said. Yup. I now have a lucky book to go with the lucky fork.

Obviously, I didn’t quite get the lesson on the first go round. Luckily, the second time really did drive it home.

Different is not bad. It’s wonderful. Imperfection is beautiful, precisely because it’s imperfect. And lucky is what we decide it to be.

It’s all perception. It’s all a choice. You just have to decide to make it.

Photo credit: Knick! / Foter / CC BY

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