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My Optimism Bias

People make comments about my Pollyanna attitude, and I do have to say it is a quality that I really do like about myself. Being negative […]
Close up of a man hand pointing

3 Hand Gestures You Need to Know

You can say a great deal with your hands, and, as you know, some gestures have more…’specific’ meanings than others. Whether you realize it or not, […]

3 Quick Ways to Reduce Your Stress Right Now

Here are 3 quick ways to reduce your stress right now: Take a power pose. Think Superman or Wonder Woman. Standing in that kind of power […]

7 Must-Haves for Every Leader

The bottom line is: you can’t lead if you can’t connect. Here are 7 must-haves for every leader, in order to make great connections. Understand your […]

Are You a Good Listener?

A great leader and a great communicator is first and foremost a great listener. Listening is a highly valuable skill that allows you to connect with […]

Procrastination Creating Calm?

A friend of mine told me how she used procrastination to create a sense of calm in her life. Procrastination creating calm? I have to say […]

Relax and Do It!

My daughter came home from school one day, and told me about her gym class. They were doing Canada Fitness Testing. (I don’t know about you, […]
Ted Talks

My 5 Favourite Ted Talks

Learning helps you look at the world in a whole new way. Like many people, I love watching Ted Talks because I get a brand new […]

3 Tips for Creating Confidence

Confidence is a huge factor in creating your success. Other people can easily see your confidence, or the lack of it. When you visibly lack confidence, […]

Why You Need to Fire “Steady Eddie”

“It’s easy to fire the people who aren’t doing their jobs. You know they need to go. The hardest ones to fire are the ones who […]

5 Sad Reasons Employees Quit

Turnover is costly to any business. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost in hard costs and lost revenue, every year. While you can’t keep everyone […]

Cancelled Appointments: The Self-Esteem Challenge

When you’re in any service related industry, cancellations, missed and postponed appointments are inevitable. For a long time, I really took these cancellations personally, and that […]