The Victim Vs the Underdog

We all know people who are victims in life and those who we consider underdogs. I find it really interesting that both of these types of […]

5 Sad Reasons Employees Quit

Turnover is costly to any business. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost in hard costs and lost revenue, every year. While you can’t keep everyone […]

Cancelled Appointments: The Self-Esteem Challenge

When you’re in any service related industry, cancellations, missed and postponed appointments are inevitable. For a long time, I really took these cancellations personally, and that […]

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

What are you doing right now to challenge yourself? We all have our comfort zones. It’s when you challenge your comfort zone that you learn how much […]

How to Create Maximum Output at Work

Interval training workouts help increase strength, stamina, and endurance by taking you through different levels of intensity to maximize your results. That’s exactly the reason why […]
Difficult Conversations

Things I Never Thought I’d Say: Having Difficult Conversations

“No, Juiced Johnson in NOT an appropriate name for the X-box or any other box!” As you can imagine, at the last part of this statement, […]
Completely motivated.

Motivation in 3 Easy Steps

Here is one universal truth about motivation: You can’t give it to anyone else. Motivation is a completely personal choice. It gets engaged when we are […]

Bust that Stress!

Another red light. You glance at your watch. 30 seconds and counting. Your heart starts to beat faster. Your breathing quickens. Beads of sweat glisten. You […]

Perfection Paralysis

I am a very big believer in doing your best when you take on any project. If it’s not worth doing well, then why do it […]

How a Pub Changed My Life’s Perspective

As crazy as it sounds, a pub helped to change my perspective on being present in my life. For very long time, I thought that being […]

How to Stop Dwelling and Start Doing

One of the greatest lessons I’ve been given in my life is to simply “start at start”. “Start at start” means that you get to start […]

20 Networking Don’ts

Our internal dialogue has a very big effect on the way we view ourselves in this world. It affects our confidence, courage, and ideas of self worth. Unfortunately, we often spend a lot of time criticising ourselves in a way that fills our minds with self-doubt.