There have been times Andrea has inspired me to keep my business going even when I didn't believe in it. She is the cheerleader in the corner who always has your best interests at heart and never lets you give up on yourself or your dreams. She takes vested interest in each of her clients and their personal success, helping them make the best decision for themselves along the way. I recommend Andrea to anyone because she has the experience to help you at any stage of your career or business path. Andrea is not only my business coach but she has also become a trusted advisor and friend. Thank you for all you do Andrea!

Jayshri Amin, iMAGiMAX

Jayshri Amin, iMAGiMAX

Donna Udahl, –Wife, Entrepreneur, Co-owner of Design-Your-Life

Donna Udahl, Design-Your-Life

Andrea has helped me set my goals, understand my strengths and create an action plan that produces results. Andrea is insightful, personable and extremely creative. –Product Curator and SWAG Specialist, iMAGiMAX
I highly recommend Andrea.Andrea is very positive and helps me to sort out my business ideas. I really appreciate her "hand holding" as I often tend to get into overwhelm a bit too easily. Her expertise has been crucial to building my business. –Certified Style and Etiquette Consultant
Andrea is a fantastic coach! She has really helped me through some personal and business struggles, and I will continue to work with her! –Wife, Entrepreneur, Co-owner of Design-Your-Life
Andrea is a motivated woman with a genuine interest in helping others excel in their lives and businesses. Professional, educated and committed, she is always the right choice!


Andrea delivers clear and concise information that any business owner could incorporate into their business. She has a great rapport with the audience and is a very confident speaker. The information that I have received from Andrea have been tools that I have been able to incorporate into my own business.

Heather Broad, E-Mom Now Calgary

Heather Broad,E-Mom Now Calgary

Andrea makes networking seem easy and fun. I just heard Andrea speak at a networking event , the talk was inspiring and just made sense with actionable tips for all professionals who are trying to expand their client base. If you get a chance to meet or attend one of her presentations I would highly recommend Andrea.
As an Inspired Leader and Coach, Andrea is exemplary at helping strengthen leadership skills and making the leadership role more fun! A born connector, Andrea knows how to develop meaningful relationships, which can help you to increase your profitability. I have had the honour of listening to Andrea speak at business building workshops as well as contracted her to speak at my own workshop and will be working with her again. There are always incredibly valuable take-aways from Andrea's workshops.
Andrea gets to know you, your business and your goals with great interest and great detail. She sets up steps moving forward so that you are accountable and provided you do the work, each step she suggests takes you up the ladder to success in your business!
Every time I meet with Andrea, I am left feeling inspired and amazed. As a business coach, Andrea knows exactly which buttons to push to help you achieve your goals. As a brand specialist, Andrea's skills will help you find clarity and she will give you the resources to make your brand and your business stronger. At every seminar or workshop where she is a speaker, you will leave with great information and you will learn that you can overcome whatever is limiting your success.