Andrea Jones
Personal and Business Coach

As someone who is inspired by helping people, I’m always asked what it is that I actually do. This is where I get excited as I help you realize your own power. So, what is it that I do?

What I do is...
  • See things differently to help you see things differently.
    These small shifts in perspective will move you to places you haven’t even imagined yet.
  • Challenge you to create clarity.
    To define the things you want for your business and your life. With clarity, you can start to make great things happen because you know exactly what you want.
  • Ask you a lot of questions. I'm curious. I ask questions to make you think. I ask questions to get you exploring your life and your business in a way you never even considered before.
  • Challenge you to push for more than you ever dreamed possible.
  • Help you to be a better leader in your business, and help you get better with life. I’m the one who will help move you forward to become a true leader in every way.

Together we will explore, and overcome, the obstacles holding you back from living the life you really want. It’s time to take the first step on a new path toward happiness and success.

Contact me to learn how your life can change!

Disclaimer: When you work with me, you end up achieving the results you really want.
Andrea Jones

  • Andrea is a motivated woman with a genuine interest in helping others excel in their lives and businesses. Professional, educated and committed, she is always the right choice! - Personal TrainerSonja Franzmann
  • I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet Andrea at a networking event a couple of months ago. She gave me the precious gift of her time for a consultation and the coaching she gave me in that time was amazing. Andrea describes herself as an inspired leader, but with her personality, her commitment to other people's success and her willingness to share her wisdom and knowledge with ordinary folk like me, she is an inspiring leader. I love being in her space and learning all that I can from her. This recommendation is one the easiest I have ever had the privilege to right. Thank you Andrea! Continue to be AMAZING! –Calgary Clergy Services Cathy Toupin
  • Andrea is a fantastic coach! She has really helped me through some personal and business struggles, and I will continue to work with her! –Wife, Entrepreneur, Co-owner of Design-Your-LifeDonna-Udahl
  • Andrea has continued to inspire me, with her knowledge and passion around entrepreneurs. Her background knowledge in retail and marketing makes her an incredible asset as a coach, couple that with her sincere caring and passion, and you can see why she creates outstanding results with her coaching clients. – Christina Greenway, Managing Director at River Cross Ranch Event Centre, Coach & Consultant christina_greenway
    Christina Greenway
  • Andrea is exemplary at helping strengthen leadership skills and making the leadership role more fun! A born connector, Andrea knows how to develop meaningful relationships, which can help you to increase your profitability. There are always incredibly valuable take-aways from Andrea's workshops.–City Director of Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary Heather Broad
  • Andrea is the type of individual every person considering business should have a conversation with. Not only is she energetic and filled with ideas, she is also humble, personable and real. To that extent you can depend on her for candid, practical responses which will allow you to apply perspectives that you may not have considered or accepted. It is a great experience working with Andrea and I look forward to working with her on other initiatives. You rock, Andrea!! – Donnovan Simon, Customer Experience Consultant and Chief Execution Officer at Strategic Acceleration Servicesdonnovan
  • Andrea gets to know you, your business, and your goals with great interest and great detail. She sets up steps moving forward, so that you are accountable, and provided you do the work, each step she suggests takes you up the ladder to success in your business! - Rick Titan, "Letting-Go" Coach, Sales Trainer, Professional Speaker rick-wrestler-becomes-new11-202x300
  • Andrea has helped me set my goals, understand my strengths and create an action plan that produces results. Andrea is insightful, personable and extremely creative. –Product Curator and SWAG Specialist, iMAGiMAXJayshiri
  • Andrea is an amazing facilitator and communicator. She focuses on the needs of the client while supporting each member of the team. Watching Andrea in action is very inspiring. She is patient, creative, focused on getting the results you need, and brilliant at reading a group of people. She always has great insights, and is generous with her recommendations and ideas. I always enjoy working with Andrea because of her direct, calm, and clear approach. –Branding + Marketing Consultant at Rivittmaya
  • I just heard Andrea speak about building relationships quickly. The talk was inspiring, and just made sense, with actionable tips for all professionals. If you get a chance to attend one of her presentations, go! I would highly recommend Andrea. –Executive Business Coach & Sales Development ConsultantScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 2.26.45 PM
    Bruce McGregor
  • I highly recommend Andrea.Andrea is very positive and helps me to sort out my business ideas. I really appreciate her "hand holding" as I often tend to get into overwhelm a bit too easily. Her expertise has been crucial to building my business. –Certified Style and Etiquette Consultantmaria-doll
  • Andrea delivers clear and concise information. She has a great rapport with the audience and is a very confident speaker. The information that I have received from Andrea have been tools that I have been able to incorporate into my own business. –President at Get It Together Inc.Sheri Bruneau
  • Every time I meet with Andrea, I am left feeling inspired and amazed. As a business coach, Andrea knows exactly which buttons to push to help you achieve your goals. At every seminar or workshop where she is a speaker, you will leave with great information, and you will learn that you can overcome whatever is limiting your success. –YouTube Partner/Chief Producer at ChicFlicks Videodana
  • There have been times Andrea has inspired me to keep my business going even when I didn't believe in it. She is the cheerleader in the corner who always has your best interests at heart and never lets you give up on yourself or your dreams. She takes vested interest in each of her clients and their personal success, helping them make the best decision for themselves along the way. I recommend Andrea to anyone because she has the experience to help you at any stage of your career or business path. Andrea is not only my business coach but she has also become a trusted advisor and friend. Thank you for all you do Andrea.Amanda-Schewaga-colour