Confidence is a huge factor in creating your success. Other people can easily see your confidence, or the lack of it. When you visibly lack confidence, it works against you.

So what can you do to change it? Here are 3 tips for creating confidence:

Tip 1: Breathe! Deep breathing helps to calm and relax the body. Any time you’re feeling stressed, practice diaphragmatic breathing or breathing into your belly. Place your hand on your bellybutton and breathe deeply, so it pushes your belly and your hand in an outward direction. Hold the breath for 2 seconds and then slowly release all the air, pushing your bellybutton toward your spine. Do this a few times a day and you will help to lower your stress levels over all. Do it anytime you’re anxious, or in a stressful situation, and it will help to settle you down, and that will help to make you feel more confident.

Tip 2: Positive self talk. The way you talk to yourself will affect your confidence levels. Negative talk or self doubt, will quickly erode your confidence. So instead, cheer yourself on when you’re working on something new, or in a stressful situation. Tell yourself you can do it!; chant “I will!”; or “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” Your brain is an amazing thing. When you decide you can do something, you will do it

Tip 3: Stand tall. When we feel bad, or sorry for ourselves, we tend to slump over and draw inward. It sends I don’t feel confident signals to your brain. Your brain then takes the signal and generates I don’t feel confident thoughts, creating an I don’t’ feel confident cycle. Break the cycle by changing you physical state. That will change the way you feel. Stand tall, with your shoulders back and down, and your chin at an even level. This is a position we take when we feel confident. The physical state sends an I’m confident signal to your brain and your brain will then generate your thoughts accordingly

Voila! Instant confidence in three easy steps.

Photo credit: hang_in_there / iW / CC BY

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